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What if knowledge sought people, and not the other way around?

After over 10 years of R&D, Viasema has developed Andromeda, an AI Knowledge Platform that unlocks the value of existing data, all while automating human expertise.

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Andromeda helps you:

Uncover Knowledge

Uncover relevant information from virtually any source, in any format, and transform it into contextualized, actionable business knowledge.

Automate Expertise

Combine business knowledge with captured human expertise to automate the decision making process in complex situations.

Create Value

Rapidly deploy custom data-driven applications that accelerate internal processes and prevent countless errors.

Andromeda enables governments and fortune 500 companies to build and deploy applications that automate legal expertise, processes and documents.

Our Customers

The Value of Andromeda

For the User

Make better and faster decisions in high risk environments

Uncover hidden insights from unstructured content.
Optimize the tools you’re already using.
Reallocate time by automating repetitive tasks.

For the Organization

Build the foundation for a successful digital transformation

Turn data and human expertise into a strategic asset.
Rapidly deploy custom data-driven applications.
Have real end-to-end transparency and decision traceability.

We help the legal, compliance and regulation fields improve internal processes by unlocking the value of existing data and automating expertise.